Conservative Think Tank Upgrades Education Website 

An education website created by the Maine Heritage Policy Center has made some additions. Folks searching the site can now find test scores and graudation rate data for every school district in Maine.Executive Director for the center for excellance, Stephen Bowen, says since they launched the website last winter their goal has been to put as much data and information about Maine schools on there. Bowen says more than 5000 people have visited the website, and they expect that to grow.”Ideally, I mean we are going to have to have this discussion,” says Bowen. “We have a massive budget shortfall coming up. We’re probably going to have to see more cuts to school funding. So that means we need to have as much data as we can because we’ve got big problems to solve. We’ve got to figure out how to increase productivity. How do we increase student achievement at a time when financial resources are in decline?”They say they will continue to add more data to the website. To check it out you can go to