Friends Remember Telford Allen as a “Top Notch” Pilot 

A plane crash has claimed the life of Telford Aviations founder Telford Allen II. His death has hit Greenville and Rockwood communities hard. For Allen’s friends and family the news of Sunday’s plane crash that took his life was a crushing blow. Max Folsom says he knew Allen all of his life. The two spent a great deal of their time flying together. “It’s like losing my big brother,” Folsum says, “I mean he was always there if I needed something. It took me awhile to get over it, I wasn’t worth much when I heard it. For me it’s a huge tragedy.”The only passenger on the plane, 61-year-old Natalie Holmes-Moody, was released from a Greenville hospital Monday. Allen’s friends say that other than his family and friends there was nothing he loved more than flying. “Yeah both of us it’s all we’ve ever done, it’s all we ever knew,” says Folsum. “You just have no idea if you’ve never been with us. We flew every day of the year almost. It didn’t matter what the weather was if there was something that had to be done we flew”Folsum describes Allen as a top notch pilot by the folks around here, with countless hours of experience. “He was a very accomplished pilot. From little airplanes all the way up to corporate jets.”Allen’s plane was pulled from the water and brought here to Folsom’s in Greenville. “We’re just trying to get his airplane apart and get it stored for the family. And let the government check things out and see what really caused the problem.”The state medical examiner’s office says the official cause of Allen’s death is accidental drowning. A spokesmen from the NTSB says it could take months to determine what caused the crash. People around here say it will be much longer than that for this community to recover.