Paranormal Fair Invades Fort Knox 

While lots of people were enjoying the rides at the Bangor State Fair around 2500 people flocked to Fort Knox in Prospect for a different type of fair.This weekend marked the 4th annual Paranormal Fair at the historical site. The event was sponsored by the Friends of Fort Knox. People who attended got to participate in psychic card readings inside the fort,lectures on ghost hunting, UFO’s, and exorcism’s were also offered. Executive Director Leon Seymour says the event has grown considerably over the years and they’re already looking forward to next year’s fair. “It brings a segment of the population that may not come to the fort otherwise. So we’re real pleased about it and we’re offering ghost tours in about two weeks where people can go through with some of the ghost investigating groups. We’re offering that in a couple weeks,” he says. For a complete list of events at Fort Knox you can visit their website,www.fort