Close Contest Between Augusta and Bucksport in 10/11 Year Old Little League Tourney 

In Bucksport today, the ten and eleven year old state tournament, Ben the English Mastiff enjoying some attention.Bucksport and Augusta, 4th inning, Bucksport up a run, Austin Mason grounds into the fielders choice. There’s an out at third, Mason safe at first. Matt Vincent running all the way, he’s safe at third. Mason then safe at second. Vincent still on his horse. Comes in safely at home. Bucksport doubles their lead, it’s 4-2.But Augusta had some tricks up their sleeve as well. Fifth now, Bucksport up 6-3, runners on first and second. Matt Vincent gets Anthony Brunelle to ground out at first. Bucksport first baseman charges in, then throws to second to try to get Kolbe Merfeld. He’s safe at second. Taylor Heath sprints to home, leapfrogs over the catcher, lands on the plate. The catcher goes to tag him and Merfeld with the heads up base running, comes in to score. We’ve got a one run game.Now it’s last ups for Augusta, Vincent gets the double play. Riley Macloed just comes down on the corner of the bag. A terrific one comes to an end. Bucksport beats Augusta 6-5. They’ll play again on Monday.