Civil Air Patrol Practice Drill 

There was a lot going on at the Bangor Air National Guard base Saturday.The US Air Force Auxiliary Civil Air Patrol was on hand exercising its ability to respond to a simulated large and dangerous hurricane about to make landfall in the area.This is the first time in a decade the group has come together for a practice drill like this one. Crews in Bangor were prepping for rescue and recovery mode.”It might specifically involve checking out flooding, damage assessment, looking for stranded or lost persons. We can do that quite rapidly with a combination of aircraft, ground vehicles, and trained personnel,” said Lt. Col. Jeff Weinstein with the US Air Force Auxiliary Civil Air Patrol.Saturday’s activities were coordinated with nine other states.New equipment was used, including long range communications equipment.Weinstein says he believes there will be many more training exercises like this one, dealing with many other scenarios, such as nuclear problems.