Bangor State Fair 

The ferris wheel is spinning and plenty of cotton candy is being sold.Which can only mean one thing, the Bangor State Fair is in full swing.The gates opened at noon Saturday and organizers say there was already a line of people waiting to get in.Director of the Bass Park Complex, Mike Dyer says the swamp master has already proved to be a popular attraction.Dyer thinks the human cannon ball will be a hit too.One thing fair-goers will notice this year is the fair is smoke-free.Dyer says there are a couple of reasons for the change. First of all, a lot of complaints from people who were waiting in line for rides and having people blowing smoke in their faces from the line. Secondly, is the change in Maine law which deals with smoking around workplaces. Which when you think about it, the whole mid-way is a workplace for people working there.”The fair will be in town until next Sunday.Ten-bucks will get you unlimited rides and to all the attractions.