Teens Learn What it Takes to Be a Trooper 

A group of teenagers who could be state troopers in a few years have received a lot more insight into that line of work. This week, 31 high school juniors and seniors from across Maine took part in the Junior Trooper program. The 3-day course focused on law enforcement duties specific to the State Police, and the rank of Trooper. The training was free and held at the Criminal Justice Academy in Vassalboro. There are more than three hundred officers on the Maine State Police force, making it the largest police agency in the state. However, over the next few years a lot of retirements are anticipated, so a steady decline of the ranks is expected. Trooper Robert Burke says the Junior Trooper program is not only a way to inform young people about what careers are available, but it’s a way to mentor the kids to ensure they will become qualified applicants. Burke says it’s a program that is essentially fostering the future of the Maine State Police. For more information on the program click here.