Grasshopper Shop Leaving Downtown Bangor 

If you want to shop at the Grasshopper Shop in downtown Bangor you’d better get hopping.The store will close at the end of this year.The Grasshopper Shop in downtown Bangor has been owned by Rick and Laurie Schweikert for nearly three decades. Owning the shop is a kind of family tradition.”My brother had started the Grasshopper Shop with my sister down in Belfast. We watched their success and growth and decided to see if we could do it in Bangor,” said Rick Schweikert.From clothing to toys, the shop prides itsself in having a little something for everyone.”That’s sort of our niche.. serving the same clientele over and over and over again,” said Schweikert.Recently the Schweikerts made a big decision, they sold the historic building that houses the Grasshopper Shop.” We didn’t want to leave Bangor with a hole. We wanted to try and give something back in the way of the future, and I think we found a great way to do it,” said Schweikert.Mexicali Blues, based in Portland, will take over the building when the Schweikerts say goodbye at the end of the year.Schweikert is happy with the change because he says the owners of Mexicali Blues were actually looking to expand into Bangor.”It’s another small Maine business that runs a great business. Very different business model than ours, but very successful,” added Schweikert.The goal is to have Mexicali Blues opened sometime in early 2011. The Grasshopper Shop will be open through this Christmas season. Grasshopper Shop locations in the Bangor Airport, Ellsworth, Rockland, and Searsport will all remain open.”It’s going to be really sad at the end,but we’re ready, we’re ready to move on,” said Schweikert.