Downeast Scenic Railroad 

If you’ll be traveling through Ellsworth there’s something new to look out for.It has been 26 years since the last train rolled through Ellsworth, so folks going through have gotten used to ignoring the rail crossings.But that’s changed now, the Downeast Scenic Railroad has begun its passenger operations along a four-mile stretch through the city.Drivers will have to adjust to the fact that, by law, a train has the right of way.Maine Operation Lifesaver offers railroad safety tips.Stand at least 15 feet from a passing train as it overhangs the width of the rails.Don’t attempt to crawl under a train or cross over between cars even if it has stopped.Don’t try to hop on a train for a short ride.Don’t place coins, cans, bottles or other objects in front of a train.Never play “chicken” or similar deadly games in front of a train.A train can operate any day at any time. Always expect a train.