Bangor Humane Society Needs Folks to Adopt Cats 

Within this past week, the Bangor Humane Society has seen an increase in the number of kittens and cats being brought in.As Meghan Hayward tells us, they are reaching full capacity and need folks to adopt.Spring and Summer is known as kitten season at the Bangor Humane Society.”Because of all the cats that are reproducing and having their litters this time of year. It’s kind of held off until this past week. Right now we have about 180 cats.”A high number, that presents some challenges for the humane society.”Space. We do not euthanize for time or space. So we’re not going to pull cats unless they are ill and so we only have a number of kennels to fit so many cats.”Now, the Bangor Humane Society is asking for the public’s help in adopting the cats.”If you’re looking to get a cat this is the place you need to come. We have every size, shape, color and age. A little bit for everybody.”But Executive Director, Suzan Bell says there are a few things folks should keep in mind, including, can you afford it?”You also have to make sure it’s something in your lifestyle that you’re ready for.”Patricia and Logan Cook meet those standards and are happily taking home two kittens.”We have adopted several animals here before and we’ve always had great luck. They’ve always been very nice here and we like coming here.”Logan isn’t sure what he’s going to name the new kittens but, he’s happy with the two he picked.”Well I like playful cats. Not too energetic, but still playful cats. One’s that run around and I can interact with.”The Bangor Humane Society is located on Mount Hope Avenue in Bangor.It’s open Monday through Friday from noon until 6 and Saturday from ten to six.