Teens Reach New Heights at Adventure Camp 

With all the support being given, you’d think the kids at Acadia Hospital’s Adventure Camp have been friends forever, but most of them just met this week.They’re facing a big challenge together.” It can be pretty anxiety provoking, and the kids go through it. They get a lot of support and then they find they’re successful,” said Joshua M. Lawrence, Director of Psychology Services at Acadia Hospital.”It’s scary at first, but once you get through it, it’s nothing,” said Mikenzy McCullough, a camp participant. That nothing consists of a low and high ropes course, something that folks of all ages are a little skeptical of at first.”Terrified. Even staff when they were first introduced into this, some felt pretty scared to go out and get into it,” said Lawrence.” I was shaking and I had to come down, I couldn’t handle it. I’m just petrified of heights and that’s way too high for me to go,” added Forest Farrow-Wright.It’s not about how high you climb, it’s all about trying your best, and helping each other succeed.”If a person says well, I’d like to be able to climb to the top of the tower and they can get that far, fantastic! And if they can’t , we say, ok, well how far do you want to get this time,” said Lawrence.Lawrence says he sees this course improve the kids self-esteem, and build friendships. The participants agree.”If you have friends who support you like I have here, it’s just a wonderful thing. You can’t get anything better than that,” said Mikenzy McCullough.