Motorists are Being Warned to “Move Over” 

According to the Maine Department of Public Safety the number one killer of police officers is motor vehicle crashes. For safety, a law was passed in 2001 requiring motorists on Maine’s roadways to either move into the passing lane, if possible, or slow down when traveling by vehicles with their emergency lights on. State Police say they will be stepping up their enforcement this week ensuring drivers are taking notice of flashing lights. Colonel Patrick Fleming says the increased enforcement will begin Friday along the turnpike in York. Fleming says a team of troopers will monitor passing traffic while one of them is stopped in the breakdown lane with a motorist. Part of their police efforts will include educating the public as well. Informational cards will handed out to drivers to remind them about the law.Since 2003, sixteen State Police cruisers have been hit from behind by motorists while troopers were parked alongside the road.For more information on the law click here.