A Few Maine Men’s Basketball Team Back in Orono Teaching Summer Camp 

UMaine’s Men’s Basketball coach Ted Woodward and a few members of the team are back on campus in Orono this week to direct a summer basketball camp. While the Black Bears are a few weeks from their first summer exhibitions, it’s teaching camps like this that keep them grounded.Sean McNally – Maine Forward”It’s always good to have us out here and give back to the kids. The way they come out and watch us play and they support us so it’s just a week of fun that we have, goes all the time, goes 24/7. Were with them in the dorms, we’re with them out here and it’s just a great time to spend with the kids.”Ted Woodward – Maine Head Coach”There’s a lot of tremendous players and a lot of tremendous basketball competition. I think its one of the reasons that we have such a great high school tournament here in the state of Maine is that so many kids are into basketball. They really love the game and its great having the chance to follow them into February.”