Planning Board to Consider New Sheriff’s Office 

Most folks are in agreement, something needs to be done to fix up the current building the Waldo County Sheriff’s Office and the Emergency Management Agency use in Belfast.Not everyone is happy with the proposed solution of building a new $1.4 million facility behind the current location.Wednesday night, the planning board will decide whether or not to give final approval to the plan.The proposed new building that will house the Waldo County Sheriff’s Office and the Emergency Management Agency will be behind its current location. A move that has left some area residents unhappy. “We’re just wanting to make sure that the building is not going to be seen from our backyards, and directly from our homes and decks,” said Thierry Bonneville, a Belfast resident.If you look in Bonneville’s backyard now, the building seems like it will be mostly blocked, but he says it’s a different story come winter.”From pretty much October through May, there is a direct view to that field which is why we’re asking for evergreen trees,” said Bonneville.Neighbors want a buffer system, and Bonneville says he doesn’t think the request is unreasonable.”We’re not asking for much, just basically trees starting at 10 feet of a certain type for consistency,” said Bonneville.He says another major issue is that he feels the residents concerns have not been respected. “We have seen basically since this started no acknowledgment of the impact that this project will have on our properties, I’m a little disappointed in that.”David Studer, Code Officer for the city of Belfast, says the neighbors concerns have been considered.”It’ll have buffers from the neighbors, that is all part of the plan,” said David Studer.The meeting is at 7 p.m. Wednesday in the council chambers of Belfast City Hall.