New Dentist in Old Town 

There’s a new option in dental care for folks in the Old Town area. Helen Hunt Health Center Dental Care is now open for business.They provide a wide variety of services – everything from routine cleanings to advanced procedures. They offer it all at an affordable rate. The new clinic is part of Penobscot Community Health Care. Doctor David Dorhan, Chief Dental Officer for the clinic, says he’s excited to expand services to an area outside of Bangor, and offer patients easily accessible care. “What we do here is to be part of the incorporated model, everything under one roof. Putting dental in a health center that has medical, that has pharmacy, that has other disciplines. As we try to find a way to treat patients best in a safety net we thin kthat if we explore different models and this is a model that seems to work in other parts of the country.”The office is located at 242 Brunswick Street in Old Town, and they are open from 8am to 6pm. They are now accepting new patients.To make an appointment, just call the clinic at 827-6128.