Mill Closure ‘Quite a Disappointment,’ Says Patten Town Manager 

Patten’s town manager says the Appalachian Katahdin mill has closed.Company officials announced last Friday the wood veneer mill would close in the coming weeks, putting 18 people out of work.Town manager, Terri Conklin, says she left a message for company officials to see if there was anything the town could do, but has not heard back.Officials said in a statement last week the closure is due to overall market demand, the rising costs of transportation, and managing costs of raw materials.Conklin says the closure presents a hardship for the mill’s employees and the area.”I think it’s quite a disappointment. They were a large employer in town. And with the economy the way it is, the loss of a business is going to be an impact for not only the town but for the surrounding towns,” Conklin says.Conklin says her office has been in touch with state representatives to see what help can be offered to displaced workers.