Korean War Memorial 

Many local veterans gathered at the Korean War Memorial in Bangor Tuesday.A ceremony was held to mark the 57th anniversary of the truce that ended the so-called “Forgotten War”…Meghan Hayward has more.Sixty years after the start of the Korean War, veterans gathered in Bangor to commemorate the signing of the truce.”We’re honoring all those who gave their lives for freedom. The motto is freedom is not free and it’s not. Many people sacrificed their lives, sacrificed their futures too by being wounded in action.”The ceremony was held at the Maine Korean War Memorial at Mount Hope Cemetery at 10 am, a time that is significant.It was ten at night in South Korea when the cease-fire was signed.”Ten o’clock here in the morning is 10 o’clock in the evening in Korea.”Myung Ji Choui, a woman from South Korea, was at the ceremony. She had one clear message for all the veterans.”Thank you. I don’t know if it can explain all my expression but I just want to thank them. If they didn’t help us I wouldn’t be here today.”She read a letter from the president of South Korea and says she is honored to take part in the ceremony.”It is my dream that I’ve always had. I’ve heard a lot of stories from my grandparents about the Korean War. I’ve always wanted to see people who helped us.”The Maine Korean War Memorial was dedicated 15 years ago.For many veterans, their friend’s names are on the memorial serving as a constant reminder.”One of my best friends is on the memorial stone that I went to school with. So to be here is an honor.”