Illegal Fish Captured in Limestone 

An illegal and exotic fish has been captured in Limestone.It’s a Pacu, a fish from South America that is related to the Pirahna.Two game wardens captured the 14-inch, 7-pound Pacu in a brook in Limestone.Thirty-four-year-old Joe LaPierre has been charged with illegally stocking waters and possessing a restricted type of fish without a permit.Authorities say LaPierre had the fish as a pet and no longer wanted it, but didn’t want to kill it.The fish was spotted by a town public works employee while inspecting a culvert.Authorities say a fish like this can damage local habitat.”We’re not sure what parasites or diseases that fish may bring into our environment. Obviously the economy in Maine is dependent upon the environment, our eco-system and natural resources. So we don’t even want to take chances with people putting something that may introduce something that’s adverse to the eco-system.”The Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife says if you have wildlife or fish you can longer care for call the department for instruction on how to move them to a safe location.That number is 287-8000.