‘Everybody Eats’ in Ellsworth 

Everybody Eats is a free community meal in Ellsworth, held every week at St. Dunstan’s church on State Street.It’s been one year since volunteers started the program. Folks involved says it’s community spirit that keeps it running. And now, they’re looking for even more volunteers to join them.Everyone is welcome at these tables, no questions asked. So each Monday in Ellsworth, everybody who wants to, eats.”What we do here is we provide a healthy meal for the community in a pleasant, stress free environment,” says Everybody Eats coordinator, Nancy Daly.Daly says they started the free supper a year ago to help those going hungry. Now they serve 130 meals a week.”We put out games, sometimes people come play the piano over here, play the guitar. It’s a community center, which is something all communities used to have a very long time ago,” she says. “We just want to get that feeling back. And be here for people who are in need.”Food is donated from pantries and gardens around the community. It’s prepared and served by volunteers. On today’s menu, haddock chowder.”We come in every Monday and make a good meal with whatever’s available. We’re lucky enough to have leftover stuff from the food pantry and we figure out what the meal is going to be and go forward,” says volunteer, Ron King.”It’s just wonderful, delightful, tasty and delicious,” says Lorelei Leslie.Lorelei Leslie started coming a year ago, after a friend told her, when you’re in a rough spot– it helps to break bread with the people around you.”So I thought, she’s right. When life gets tough, it’s unraveling on the edges, go somewhere and break bread. So that’s what we do here. We have an awesome meal, relax, let our cares drift away and we go out feeling better,” she says.She says while the program is helping feed those in need, it’s also helping to foster a strong sense of community spirit.”I’ve recommended this supper to people and I’ve told them to come. I’ve said, don’t worry, don’t be nervous, you will enjoy it. And there will be a smiling face to greet you,” Leslie says.The Everybody Eats program is always in need of donations. Right now, they’re also looking for more volunteers. If you’d like to cook, chop vegetables, serve food, or help out in another way, organizers say you can contact them at the email address [email protected] program will also be holding a benefit concert on Labor Day. The “Flash in the Pans” steel drum band will perform at 7:30 p.m. at the Union River Park in Ellsworth. They suggest a donation of five dollars, or 10 dollars for a family.