Bangor Waterfront Transforms 

Since news first broke that the Bangor waterfront would host some big names in the music industry folks have been buzzing.And now they can see it start to come together.”Setting up the stage. Getting ready to get the series started this Wednesday with Celtic Women followed by next Thursday with Charlie Daniels.”Workers were putting in a full day piecing together the stage and will be at it for more than one day.But the real fun begins when the concert series kicks-off.”There’s a positive buzz in the community. People seem to be supporting things and they seem to be very excited about the overall series and the opportunity for these kinds of acts to come to the Bangor area.”Managing partner for the waterfront concerts, Alex Gray says the waterfront is going to be transformed.”This site is going to go from a stretch of grass to a full ampi-theater style set-up here in the next 5 days.”Gray says local merchants are looking forward to the business the concerts will bring them.”I’ve had a lot of conversations with hotel and restauranteurs in the area that have discussed the fact that I guess on the weekend of Alan Jackson, the first really big show that we put on sale, there are not a lot of hotel rooms left.”Gray says they’re not sure what to expect but are excited at the prospects.”We’ll know when the dust settles at the end of the season. But as of right now, it’ll be a situation where we’re going to hope for the best.”