Bangor City Council Looking At Price Of Public Safety Update 

The high cost of public safety was front and center Monday night at the Bangor city council meeting.Counciloers discussed the proposition of hiring a private consultant to review police and fire operations.Among the concerns is the nearly $1.5 million in overtime racked up by those departments last year.City Councilor Cary Weston says it’s not a criticism of how police and fire are run, he says the council is looking for savings wherever they can.Bangor Police Chief Ron Gastia says his department is understaffed.He says there are just a handful of officers each day to protect and serve up to 150,000 people in Bangor on any given day.Bangor Fire Chief Jeff Cammack did not return our phone calls.At Mondays meeting, city councilors did decide to move forward in the process of hiring a consultant and they have put out a request for qualifications.