Cultural Exchange Brings Irish Flavor To Bangor 

For the 10th straight year of group of young adults has visited Bangor as part of a cultural exchange called the Spirit of Enniskillen. The project was founded in Ireland in memory of a young girl who was killed in an IRA bombing. The goal is to promote religious acceptance between Catholics and Protestants. The groups of 12 are split into two teams. They spend two weeks in classes at the Penobscot Job Corps where they learn about American culture, leadership, as well as interact with American students.Today they got to relax a little at a barbeque in Hampden hosted by one of their host families, the Jellison’s. The Irish vistors enjoyed burgers and hot dogs and even tried some whoopie pies. They’ll spend one more week in Bangor before heading home. “I’ve loved every minute of it so far,” says group leader Kathryn Fee, “and just working with our group has been fun and the experience we’re getting at the job corps is immense and to be able to interact with the young people there has been fantastic, not only for us, but for our young people as well.” The host families are also enjoying their special guests’ visit and say they’re already looking forward to next year. “Well we hope it continues, this is year 12 total, year 10 at Penobscot, and we’d like to see it continue for a very long time,” says Mike Jellison. They’ll get back to the work over at the job corps tomorrow morning. Their visit comes to an end later this week with a ceremony on the job corps campus on Friday.