Moose Hunt Permits Awarded to Disabled Maine Veterans 

Five more hunters will be joining this year’s controlled moose hunt in Aroostook County. The state set aside extra permits for disabled veterans. The winners were drawn in a special lottery Friday.One by one, five names were picked, each one winning a spot in this year’s controlled moose hunt in Aroostook County. Nearly 150 disabled veterans applied.”We’ve been trying to get this going for a year or two. I’m just so pleased with the result of the support we got from the state, the governor, Peter Ogden, Elizabeth Schneider, the commissioner is here, and all the local people. It’s just an exciting time,” says Paul House.The drawing was held at the House in the Woods, a military and family retreat on Silver Lake in Lee. The retreat was started in memory of Paul House’s son, who was killed in Iraq three years ago.”Paul House called about the situation,” says Sen. Elizabeth Schneider, of the lottery, “and said it looked like they had been turned down for this kind of opportunity. My first goal was to get in touch with the governor.” She says the governor strongly supported the idea of allocating some moose permits to disabled veterans. Eventually, they found a way to make it happen.”These veterans have given everything to the country. And he shares my feeling we should give back when we can. And that’s what happened,” Sen. Schneider says.Maine Veterans’ Services will link each winner with a Maine Guide for the hunt. Next year, they could include even more disabled veterans, according to Danny Martin, Commissioner of the Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife. “This is an experimental opportunity initially. If in fact we have a third controlled moose hunt season up in Aroostook County, we’ll probably expand this to 10 permits,” Martin says.The folks involved say it’s just one more way for the state to honor our veterans, and help them enjoy a good quality of life.”It’s just a great blessing to be a part of this,” House says.