Superheroes Couldn’t Stop Car from Crashing Through Building 

A lot of eyes were on a downtown Bangor business Thursday, because a car was sticking out of it. A car that crashed right into it.The moral of the story, even when you find a parking space downtown, parking that car isn’t always easy. Like a scene out of one of the comic books that lines the shelves at Top Shelf Comics in downtown Bangor, a car came crashing through the front of its building Thursday morning.”I expected to come down and see the car forward, the front of the car into the store, but no, it was the back of the car,” said Gibran Vogue Graham, a frequent shopper at Top Shelf. “I didn’t expect it to be as bad. I expected it to have just tapped the window, but the car was pretty much in the store,” said Persephone Hansen, a woman who came to check out the damage. Police say the accident is a simple case of parallel parking gone wrong. A 47-year-old Bangor woman was trying to park her Toyota in front of the store. “When she thought she may have accidentally hit the accelerator too hard and that forced the car to jump the curb and hit into the building,” said Sgt. Paul Edwards of the Bangor Police Department.Vogue Graham says he’s seen cars go through buildings before, but this time it was different,”I’ve never seen one with so much destruction.”No one was hurt in the crash, although Captain America did get pretty banged up, as did some books near the front window. “Thankfully no one was in the store or walking down the sidewalk at the time of the accident,” said Edwards. “Wednesday is new comic book day, luckily this didn’t happen on Wednesday, so that’s ok,” said Vogue Graham.The gaping hole in the front of the store has gotten a lot of attention, but comic book lovers have one simple question.”Where were the superheroes to save the comic book store? It’s kind of ironic,” laughed Vogue Graham.The owner expects to have the store open for business on Friday.