Ormsby Arraigned in Aroostook County 

Thayne Ormsby was escorted into a packed Aroostook County courtroom.The 20-year-old is facing three counts of murder in the stabbing deaths of Jeffrey Ryan, his 10-year-old son Jesse, and Jason Dehahn, a friend and neighbor of Ryan’s.He is also charged with one count of arson for allegedly setting Jeffrey Ryan’s truck on fire.Ormsby pleaded not guilty to all charges.Deputy Attorney General Bill Stokes says the state has a strong case against Ormsby.”We feel quite comfortable that we will present the best case to a jury when the time comes,” said Stokes.Defense attorneys declined to comment, but did ask for 120 days for pre-trial motions, and 60 days to amend pleas if needed.”It’s very early in the process. His attorneys have just been appointed for him, they really don’t have the info we have, they’re just learning the case,” said Stokes.Family members of the victims were in court, but were not ready to speak on camera. Stokes says they’re doing as well as can be expected.”They have a lot of questions. Some of those questions I can answer, some I can’t answer either because I really can’t speak publicly about different aspects of the investigation and like any investigation some things we don’t know the answer to,” said Stokes.Ormsby is being held without bail at the Aroostook County Correctional Facility in Houlton.