New Habanero Ice Cream Spicing Up Lincoln 

A Lincoln ice cream shop has come up with a new flavor that’s spicing up the town. Gillmor’s homemade ice cream in Lincoln has introduced their new hot flash ice cream, made from habanero peppers and cayenne pepper.Owner Catherine Gilmor stumbled across the idea in a magazine article.Gilmor says the ice cream has gotten mixed reaction from her customers. Our own Rob Poindexter tried it today, and after sweating just a bit, gave it a big thumbs up. Head Chef Cole Averill came up with the recipe. “Habaneros are the hottest peppers I know of so we took some habaneros, some simple syrup, and a lot of cayenne pepper and just cooked it down to an ice cream base. And we actually tried it on some vanilla ice cream and on of the cooks turned red and started drinking water so we knew it was pretty good,” he says.”People really think it’s different. They like it,” says Gimor, “Sometimes I get phone calls and they say do you still have that hot flash ice cream and I say oh sure. Ok well we’re coming down like it’s a novelty they have to try it.”The hot flash ice cream will be available until this batch runs out. Gillmor says they plan on bringing it back next year.