Jesse Spiers Back in Bangor for 44th Greater Bangor Open 

The 44th Annual Greater Bangor Open tees off tomorrow at Bangor Muni. This afternoon, Muni was the site of a Pro-Am tournament featuring some of the open’s golfers. One pro that will be in the running for the $11,000 first prize is Bangor’s Jesse Speirs. He’s back in his hometown after finishing his college career at Ole Miss. Tim Throckmorton caught up with him this afternoon.Any day is a great day on the golf course and especially playing at Bangor Municipal Golf Course and I’m sure this guy enjoyed his day today. Back home, Jesse Speirs, recent graduate from college, embarking on this new career of yours. Your mindset now on becoming a professional golfer?It’s nice to finally get school behind me and get that degree. It’s a little weight off the shoulders. To have everything geared towards golf and working on the game. Coming back here is especially nice to get back in the old turf.You went to Ole Miss, you don’t get a chance to come back a lot to Bangor. This is a homecoming, how do you not make it a homecoming and make it a professional golf experience?You got to balance both. I’m spending a lot of time with family and friends and seeing some people I haven’t seen in a while because it’s been a year since I’ve been back here. Enjoying playing Bangor again. It brings back a lot of memories. I’m just going to try to have fun and to play to win this week. It’ll be fun regardless.Before you are learning the game, maybe not a lot expected although you did come in second here in the GBO as an amateur here a long time ago when you were a youngster. Tell me some of the pressure of being a pro now?The only difference is that you are playing for money which is a pretty big difference when you’re doing that for a living. It’s different trying to get used to that but it’s fun. I played in an event last week. I’ve played a couple events so far. I enjoy it. It’s a different experience and it’s just a learning process.Here’s some pressure for you. Look for this guys name on the leaderboard over the next few days. Jesse Speirs, back in Bangor, playing in the Greater Bangor Open. Let’s go back to you.