Going Once, Going Twice, The Whig and Courier is Sold! 

Come one, come all, and let the bidding begin. It all will go today!”The auction will include the real estate and all the personal property. They buyers will be registering here today with a 20 thousand dollar deposit to bid,” explains Stefan Keenan, real estate division manager and auctioneer.That’s all it took for the chance to buy a well known piece of what’s quickly becoming a booming downtown scene.Keenan adds, “The business has always generated a lot of traffic, it’s a very popular sport. It’s been a business since 1984, that says something about its location.”Included in the deal is the Whig and Courier Pub and Restaurant, a function room upstairs, all of the personal property inside, and three apartments with an beautiful view of downtown Bangor. The bidding began low, but quickly climbed, and in less than an hour it was a done deal.”Sell it, 355,000. Give him a round of applause!” the auctioneer exclaimed.The lucky bidder – Dan Sykes, with D.E.S. Properties, a subsidiary of Broadway Properties. He said he came in with a guideline price, and a take-it-easy strategy. “Hang loose until it was almost over and then just keep inching it up till we got it.”Sykes says the company owns several other buildings in the area, and specializes in spots that need a little love. “Our strategy with all our buildings we buy is to buy places that need some attention quickly, give them that attention, make them shining examples of the potential of architecture that we enjoy here in Bangor.”Sykes says they plan to find a restaurant to rent the bottom part of the building, and keep the apartments above. At the moment, he’s doesn’t exactly know what the end result of this venture will look like, but he’s excited to start. “You never know, anytime you’re developing a building, at some point, you gotta jump on and ride the tiger and see what happens,” says Sykes.