Camp Survivor 

Some local kids are spending this week at summer camp.But as Meghan Hayward tell us, it’s not your average camp.Some high school freshmen are spending a portion of their summer vacation learning about a career they may be interested in within the medical field.” This was a great time to do this with the kids because it’s a time where they’re picking courses for high school and if they’re interested in healthcare careers they need to pick a specific course load throughout their high school career.”About 50 teens from Penobscot County are taking part in the week-long Camp Survivor.The teens are being exposed to all facets of healthcare.” Physical therapy is what I wanted to do originally but the NICU thing kind of inspired me.”The camp is teaching the teens plenty of new information.”It gives you a wider view of different jobs. There are some jobs here I never even thought of. I didn’t even know they had an ambulance specially for babies.”This is the first year Eastern Maine Community College has put on a camp like this.It’s modeled after the Aroostook Medical Center Camp, that has been taking place for eight years.” It’s fun. You’re not just learning things, you’re actually doing fun things.”Some of the teens have known what they wanted to do for awhile.For one camper, it’s a pharmacist.And the camp seemed like the perfect fit.” You have to go to 8 years of college. I have to study a lot harder and at the end of college I have to write a big report.”The campers are now closer to choosing their career path and confident they’re making the right choice.