Best Friends From Lincoln Preparing To Walk For Cancer Research 

Two best friends from Lincoln are headed to Boston this weekend to help raise money for breast cancer research. Jae Libby-Folster and and Denise Watton have been best friends since the 6th grade. Just two weeks shy of her 26th birthday Folster was diagnosed with breast cancer. She turned to her best friend to help her get through it. “She’s a lifelong friend. she’s been right by my side,” says Libby-Folster.”You know when you’re 26-years-old you think you’re pretty invincible,” says Watton. “You’re starting to learn some life lessons but you still you’re pretty invincible. It really sets you back a bit.”Folster has now been cancer free for a little more than seven years. Now she’s dedicating much of her time to raising awareness about breast cancer. “She’s amazing! She’s a great role model for so many,” says Watton.Libby-Folster says getting the message out is the key to saving lives. “There’s so many young women who don’t even know about breast cancer and they don’t even realize that even though there’s no family history that they too can have breast cancer. I had no family history at all whatsoever. At this point when people get breast cancer they are their family history.”This weekend the two best friends will pack their bags and head to Boston to walk 60 miles in three days at the Susan G. Komen 3 day for the cure. “We kept saying for years we wanted to do it, we wanted to do it, and finally I said let’s just stop saying we want to do it and 2010 is the year we’re going to do this,” says Watton.They needed to raise $4600 dollars to participate in this weekends event and, not surprisingly, they’ve raised more than enough. Now Jae Libby-Folster will walk 60 miles in 3 days with her best friend by her side. “We’re going to have something to do with funding research,” says Watton, “I mean that’s a big thing. You know saving lives. We’re going to have something to do with that.”Libby-Folster can hardly wait to get there. “It’s going to be very emotional. We’re going to be laughing and we’re gonna be crying but we just can’t wait.”