Monroe Sentencing 

A Brewer man charged with several counts of sexual molestation was sentenced Tuesday.Meghan Hayward was in the courtroom.Forty-two-year-old Eddie Monroe was sentenced to nine months in prison and will have to register as a sex offender.Monroe left the state with a 15-year-old girl last July.After a few days, the girl’s cell phone was traced to Maryland, where she was found and brought home.Monroe was located later in Florida and brought back to Maine.The state had agreed on a plea deal which the judge accepted.The victim’s mother requested that Monroe receive the highest punishment he could get, but she understands the plea deal.”More emotional than what I thought. I’m glad that the judge explained why he didn’t give the full five years because now she’ll be protected longer. Where he has to register, the children will be protected.”Assistant District Attorney, Alice Clifford, says they looked at similar cases to reach the plea deal.”Obviously these kinds of cases, especially sex offenses, it’s very hard to please anyone, a victim, the victim’s family, even our office.”Joline Scovil spoke in court, saying the entire experience has been traumatic for her family.”My major concern was that when he gets out, he will contact her and I’m sure he will try.”She hopes no one else ever has to go through what they did.”It’s horrible. We didn’t know if we would ever see her again. He could have done anything to her, he could have murdered her. You hear it everyday. How children are taken and you never see them again.”Scovil says she’s relieved this is over and they can now move on.