Bangor City Council to Vote on Bringing Consultant In 

Bangor City Councilors will be voting on whether to bring in an outside consultant to review police and fire department operations.This after a heavy overtime bill from those departments.Council Chair Richard Stone says both departments represent a major portion of the city’s budget and during budget discussions, it became apparent it wasn’t fair to ask them to cut all overtime, which totalled more than $800,000 last year.Police Chief Ron Gastia says he’s keeping an open-mind, but if a consultant is brought in, they need to take into consideration the size of the department.He says their call volume and work load changes day to day.Stone says a consultant would bring fresh eyes to the budget.”The idea is to provide savings obviously because next year is going to be very difficult. But we owe it to the citizens of Bangor to try and find the savings without impacting the services that they’ve become accustomed to.”Gastia says he’s confident a consultant will not find there’s any waste within his department’s budget.Stone says the council will vote on the issue sometime in the next few weeks.