Students are Inspired by Engineering 

It’s never too early to try to figure out what you want to do when you grow up.Some middle school students in the Bangor area have a chance this summer to check out careers in the field of engineering and transportation.They’re taking part in the Maine Summer Transportation Institute through the University of Maine.”The purpose is to have a new generation of people who will be interested in the transportation industry, it doesn’t matter what. We are trying to encourage them to think about it through the engineering curriculum and through what we offer at the university.”For two weeks 20 middle school kids from the Bangor area are taking part in a day camp that introduced them to the wide world of engineering… They’re taking a variety of field trips to sites where they can learn about transportation by land, air, and sea. “The field trips are awesome, like we’re on right now and it’s fun like even the trip here in the van was fun.”Today the focus was on the water. The students were at Maine Maritime Academy in Castine. The students were able to tour the facilities — and even got to jump aboard the U-S Maine. A main goal of this federally and state funded program is to increase interest in engineering — especially among young women. “Our female numbers in the engineering college, it’s much less than the national average. This is our goal now – to reach at least the national average.””My Aunt works at IBM and she always tells me how much fun it is and she always goes to like Japan and stuff, and I always had an interest in doing it, I like math and stuff.”And the program seems to be sparking interest for some students.”Coming into the camp I actually wanted to be a doctor or something medical and I’m actually starting to think about doing other things now because it’s interesting me a lot.” “if you’re interested in engineering, come you’ll have a good time. If you’re not, you’ll become interested in engineering.”