Carmel Mother Wants Longer Sentence for Brewer Man 

Joline and Wayne Scovil of Carmel have four children, two of them are grown and have started their own families.It’s a very typical family.But that all changed last July when their, then 15 year old daughter took off.”I found out,” said Joline, ” The day that she left we had no idea there was any man, any boyfriend, nothing we didn’t realize it until the day that she left, and her friend told us.”Told them she had left the state with 42 year old Eddie Monroe of Brewer. The Scovils contacted local and state Police, and the National Children’s hotline for runaways. “And then we just started searching,” said Joline. “Because I wasn’t sure if she had actually left the state, if she was just maybe in a motel in the Bangor Brewer area, so I would work 10 hours get out of work and every night my husband and I would go and look for her at every motel we could think of.”After a few days her cell phone was traced to Maryland, where she was found and brought home. Monroe was located later in Florida and brought back to Maine to face four counts of sexual molestation.”She’s in denial that it’s wrong, she still sees that there is nothing wrong with it, that he loved her, he was her boyfriend and he was going to take care of her.”Monroe has been at Penobscot County Jail since January and Tuesday he’ll be in Court likely facing a sentence of three years with all but nine months suspended.”Puts him out in September, October, he’s going to contact her, he will, and he will once again take her and then she’s going to be 17 so she’ll probably be gone for good.”Scovil admits she trusted her daughter and allowed her too much freedom, but she’s not sure if should could have stopped this.”He has a way that, it’s sickening, he just has like some kind of control over her, she thinks she’s in love with him or she thought she was.”