Celtic Celebration in Belfast 

There was only one place where you could find music, games, and a cheese rolling contest this weekend.The Maine Celtic Celebration kicked off Friday night in Belfast… it ran through Sunday.This is the fourth year of the festival.Organizers say it’s a great way to highlight the fact that the area was settled by the Scotch-Irish.”We’re continuing that tradition with the festival we’re brining people into the area, we’re getting them to see what a wonderful area this is and just have a really great time,” said Diana Braybrook, Volunteer Coordinator of the Celtic Celebration.Events included a 5-K road race in which nearly 100 people participated in, a parade, lots of music, games, and workshops.One of the most popular events in the cheese roll. This year there were 10 divisions, and hundreds of folks came out to watch.There was also a wheel barrow race.Organizers say it’s time to already start planning for new year’s celebration.