Loon Count in Maine 

In 1983 the loon population began to decline in New Hampshire, that’s when folks decided it was time to keep track of loons in Maine.Dwight Gates has always been fascinated with the animal, and he started counting loons the third Saturday in July, 27 years ago.Saturday, he tracked loons on Toddy Pond in Orland.He says the count helps protect the loons: animals he hopes never leave Maine.”It adds so much to the atmosphere around the northern states that it’s so interesting to watch. Besides its beauty,” said Dwight Gates, loon counter.This was the first time in 27 years Gates has not spotted any loons during his count.He says usually there are 2 dozen around Toddy Pond, and 4,000 state wide.He says he is not worried about Saturday’s low turnout. After the count ended, he spotted a group of eight young loons, and he saw two before the count began.