Lincoln Overcome Double Digit Defecit to Defeat Hampden-Newport 

Before Brewer and Bangor duked it out, Hampden and Lincoln faced off. The winner stays alive, the loser goes home.And this one looked like it was going to be a Hampden rout. Early on, that’s exactly what it was. Tyler Desjardins with a hit in the infield. Not fielded cleanly. Justin Amoroso scores.Hampden had a huge third inning. Derek Amaroso singles to right. Tyler Desjardins and Justin Rodgerson score. Hampden score seven runs in the third to go up 12-2. But Lincoln fight all the way back. They overcome the huge defecit and beat Hampden 15-13. Lincoln Lumber are still alive. The Hampden-Newport Riverdogs are done.