Maine Celtic Celebration This Weekend in Belfast 

There’s only one place this weekend where you can find music, games…and a cheese rolling contest.It’s the Maine Celtic Celebration and it kicks off Friday night.Friday morning this lawn in Belfast was wide open, but soon it will be filled with fun, games, food and a few thousand people for the Maine Celtic Celebration.The rhythm keeping it all together– the music.Jim Hyland and Chris Brinn are just two of the many artists that will be performing this weekend.”Any Irish band, or Celtic band, you can’t help but want to get up and dance, and tap your feet to it,” Brinn says.”There’s not a lot of orchestration to it, it has mostly to do with getting a dancer’s feet off the floor,” Hyland says.Traditional dancers will take to the stage as Celtic musicians from near and far perform.The full weekend schedule also includes men in kilts, three-legged races, and that famous cheese-rolling contest on Saturday.”It’s fun to see everyone here, listening to music, walking around and enjoy themselves,” says organizer Ron Braybrook.Organizers say the celebration’s mission is to keep alive the rich Celtic history, culture and hospitality found along the coast of Maine.”If you think about it, Belfast is an Irish name. Knox, Knox county is a Scottish name,” Braybrook says. He says, even if it’s not your heritage exactly, you can still enjoy it.”It’s something, sort of an adoption thing, if you want to be Celtic you can, there are no rules. You appreciate the music, the customs and so forth,” Braybrook says.The celebration runs right through the weekend, including the Highland Heavy Games on Sunday.”We end the whole thing up on Sunday with a big session on stage,” Brinn says, “with many of the acts who are here over the weekend.”For a full schedule of events, visit