‘KahBattle’ of the Bands Friday Night in Bangor 

Seven local bands will take the stage in Bangor Friday night…but only one will win a spot to play at this year’s KahBang Music, Art and Film Festival on the Bangor waterfront.It’s called the KahBattle of the Bands.Acts were busy getting set up at Peakes Auditorium at Bangor High School Friday afternoon.The seven bands hail from throughout Maine and represent all kinds of music, from experimental funk, to new rock.They’ll be judged by a celebrity panel and on audience response Friday night to determine the winner, who will get to take to the KahBang stage in August.”It will give them an opportunity to open for the acts B.o.B., OK Go, Biz Markie, Free Energy, huge national acts. It’s an amazing opportunity for a local band from this state,” says Chris Michaud, KahBang communications director.”We have a great opportunity to be heard and share this with other people, our original music. It’s a dream come true,” says Anthony Ambrosino, with the band Mud Season.The KahBattle of the Bands is a partnership between KahBang and the United Way of Eastern Maine.All proceeds from Friday’s event go to support the United Way, and programs that help improve education, income and health in the region.Tickets are five dollars at the door.The KahBattle runs from 7 p.m. to midnight at Peakes Auditorum.