Greene Boy Gets His Wish 

It was a day of dedication and hard work, all to make one little boy’s wish come true, and it was a sight to see.Friday afternoon, 6-year-old Jonathan Shomaker of Greene climbed aboard the U.S.S. Shomaker.Jonathan is battling a life-threatening neurological condition.The Make-A-Wish Foundation of Maine granted Jonathan’s wish of wanting a playset in his backyard.The ship was built from the ground up in a matter of hours, and who better to build it than dozens of bath iron works boat builders and navy sailors.Volunteers from Lowe’s also came to help out make this wonderful wish come true.Jonathan was also made an honorary U.S. Sailor by Chief Matthew Plutchak.The Make-A-Wish Foundation of Maine has provided nearly 1,000 wishes to kids just like Jonathan.For more information on the foundation you can visit