Dechaine Indicted for Trafficking Contraband 

The man convicted of killing a 12-year old girl more than 20-years ago has been indicted by a Grand Jury on drug charges.52-year old Dennis Dechaine was indicted for trafficking in prison contraband. District Attorney Jeff Rushlau says Dechaine is accused of having morphine and Klonopine on April 5th at the state prison in Warren. That is the same day Dechaine was sent to the hospital. Rushlau declined to comment why Dechaine was treated. Dechaine was convicted of killing 12-year-old Sarah Cherry of Bowdoin in 1988.She was kidnapped from a babysitting job and found in the woods – tied up, tortured and raped.Dechaine is serving a life-sentence and has always maintained his innocence.