Cruising on a Windjammer 

If you’re on Maine’s coast during the summer, there’s a good chance you’ll see windjammers off shore.Many folks from away marveled at the beauty and grace of these massive sailboats.”I think when people are standing on the breakwater and they see 12 vessels with full sails cruising around the harbor it’s probably pretty awe inspiring,” says Stephen Crossley, firstmate of the Angelique. “It’s cool, I love it. It’s surreal, it’s like a postcard. You just can’t, you just can’t figure it out. Is it real or is it not? I’m still pinching myself,” add Ron and Valerie Wolfe from Colorado. They’re taking a four day cruise on the Angelique, a Windjammer that sails out of Camden. They’ll tour the midcoast area, and go everywhere from Boothbay Harbor to Frechman Bay.Mike McHenry, the ship’s captain, says, “Everyday we don’t have a particular destination or itinerary. We just kind of go where the wind takes us and in that way we can truly cruise around, which is a lot of fun.”Crossley adds, “There are so many beautiful places to see and visit. Everyone is unique, everyone is just a little bit different.””Oh yes, it’s beautiful. I love the scenery,” says Valerie Wolfe.The windjammer cruises last anywhere from 3 to 6 days, and they include everything — meals, a room, and all the sights of the coast.”We go off shore, we see whales, might sight a dolphin, a porpoise, ospreys, eagles, all kinds, you name it,” says McHenry.These cruises take folks away from the stresses of everyday life, and back to a simple time, full of tradition, and beauty. “We have vessels out here that were build in 1871, 1891. Historic landmarks, and that is very cool. The fact that they’re still around, still sailing, still working is something that’s very special.” Crossley says, “To experience that raw power, to be out here, you can’t describe it in words, what that feels like. It’s something to be experienced.”