Brothers Hope to Catch a Glimpse of President 

9-year-old Dawson Burnett and his 7-year-old brother, Alex have been waiting all week for a very special vistor.”We’re trying to get pictures of Obama,” exclaimed Dawson.His younger brother chimed in, “He’s coming right here to Mount Desert Island and we live here, and it’s very exciting that he’s coming right here!”The boys and their mom waited on Route 3 for hours to try and catch a glimpse of the president, but unfortunately, that didn’t happen.”He went another way, so we didn’t get to see him,” said Dawson.”Cars went by and said he went to Northeast Harbor, and we were real disappointed,” said Alex.The Obamas went right from the airport to Acadia National Park for a private bike ride on the trails around Witch Hole Pond.Some Mainers did get a chance to see the First Family though. Governor Baldacci, his wife Karen, and Congressman Mike Michaud all greeted them as they got off of Air Force One.”When he got off the plane he was beaming, smiling, and saying, you know, we’ve been really looking forward to this,” said Governor Baldacci.There’s lots of speculation about how the family will spend their time on the island.”I told them where there was a local golf course nearby and I said if it’s ok with the First Lady, I’d be more than happy to go out for a few holes,” said Governor Baldacci.”I think they should go up Cadillac,” suggested Dawson Burnett.”I hope they just get some free time and get to enjoy it,” said Albert Minutolo, owner of the Bar Harbor Bicycle Shop.Whatever the First Family decides to do, the Burnett boys just hope the get a chance to see them.”It’s really exciting because someone really important is here,” said Dawson.”Take pictures, maybe videos, and then I’ll say hi,” said Alex with a laugh.