Peaceful Protest Held in Waterville 

Andrew and Beverly Busque got a permit to hold a peaceful protest.Northeast patients group has picked the former KFC building on Water Street as a possible location for their dispensary.The Busque’s carried signs Thursday with hopes to get the word out that the location isn’t appropriate.”We did vote for them to pass that to use that for medical purposes. We’re both for that. That’s right. And they can put it anywhere they’d like to put it, but I’d rather not have it right next door to my home.” Beverly said.Waterville’s Police Chief agrees and says a dispensary in the South end of the city would hamper the efforts to revitalize that part of town, which has been known for higher crime rates in the past.Northeast Patients Group also has a site in Augusta that may be used.The executive director says they’ll have a better idea of where the dispensary will go in the next few weeks.