New Rite Aid Could Be Good Sign For Hampden 

The new Rite Aid pharmacy on Western Avenue in Hampden officially opened its doors today. Naomi Scherand is the store manager at the new Rite Aid. “We’re really excited to share this nice new building with the people in the community,” she says, “everyone has been looking forward to it for a very long time and I think they’re really going to enjoy this nice new building.”The store is their new “customer world design” and features more items, making it more suitable for one-stop shopping. “We have expanded the food mart so we do have a lot more food and drink items that some of the stores were not carrying before.” Town officials say the new store is just the first, of what they hope will be, a long line of new businesses looking to call Hampden home. Dean Bennett is the Community & Economic Development Leader in Hampden. “We’ve got some activity in the park,” he says. “Wight’s Sporting Goods will be coming over from Bangor into our Business and Commerce Park. We’ve got a new school coming in, a new bank coming in.”The new businesses means more jobs. “We brought over our original crew and we’ve hired 4 or 5 more people,” says Scherand. And more convenience for Hampden area residents. “They’re going to be able to shop more locally,” Sherand says. “They won’t have to drive all the way into Bangor to get some of the things that we didn’t carry before.”Dean Bennett says all this business growth is a step in the right direction. “Hampden is changing. We’ve got quite a bit of development with the new school, a new bank on the way, it was approved last night. Hampden is changing its face and it’s nice to see people investing in this community and believing in this community.”