New Resource for Addiction Recovery Community in Bangor 

There’s a new place to go in Bangor for people working to recover from alcohol and drug addiction. Thursday morning, members of the community cut the ribbon on a resource that’s been more than a year in the making.It’s called the Bangor Area Recovery Network.It’s a place where people can gather, to socialize or turn to in a time of need, when they’re working to recover from alcohol and drug addiction. Board members call it a complement to traditional 12-step programs.”Meetings are only an hour long. What do you do when the hour is up?” says board member, Jean Rideout.”By coming here, participating in whatever self-help meetings are going on, or potluck, or some event, just being part of the recovery community itself is a way to help foster resiliency and in doing so, prevent relapse,” says Bruce Campbell, chair of the Bangor Area Recovering Community Coalition.Rideout says even though addiction touches more lives, and more families, than some might realize, recovery in this area generally hasn’t been as visible as it needs to be.”The recovery community is just that, we’re recovering. We’re trying to change our lives, trying to change our behaviors, and that’s why we wanted to put this together. We wanted to show people that they can change things and they can change their lives,” she says.The non-profit center is membership-based, but open to all. As they cut the ribbon, they invited all members of the recovery community to join in.”We have it structured so if you just want to come in and kick the tires a little bit, you can come in as a guest for a couple of times, and just see if it’s right for you,” Rideout says.They say the network can help the entire community deal with the effects of addiction on local people.”This board of directors is committed to doing whatever needs to be done to make this a success,” says board member, Mike Falvey. “We’re about rebuilding lives, from tragic despair to something that’s good for society, and good for us all.”The Bangor Area Recovery Network is still actively looking for volunteers and committee members. They’re also accepting donations.Their address is 611 Hammond Street in Bangor.