Maine Chamber of Commerce Unveils Their Economic Fix 

After nearly a year of work, the Maine State Chamber of Commerce and the Maine Dvelopment Foundation released their recomendations on how to boost the Maine economy.Their 12-step plan called, Making Maine Work, was unveiled today at the University of Maine.The committee surveyed more than 1000 business owners in Maine. The survey found the number one challenge facing business owners in Maine is health care costs.Energy costs, state regulations, and income taxes also ranked high on the list. The authors of the report say they’ve given the candidates for governor a copy of their plan. “But also to speak to them about the issues in here. Because our hope is that some of these recommendations, if not all of these recommendations, will find their place on the new administrations set of priorities,” says Dana Connors, President of the Maine State Chamber of Commerce.If you would like to read a copy of this report you can find it online at