First Family Arrives in Maine Today 

The First Family is scheduled to arrive in Maine late Friday morning.President Obamas vacation to Mount Desert Island marks the first time in a century that a sitting president has stayed there.On July 18, 1910 President Taft vacationed on Mount Desert Island.”We have pictures here at the historical society of President Taft’s visit, and that was before cars, so it shows him coming up Main Street in a horse and buggy,” said Debbie Dyer, Curator of the Bar Harbor Historical Society.Almost 100 years to the exact date, President Obama will be vacationing in the same community.”They contacted me a couple of weeks ago. I knew it was some sort of dignitary, but I never imagined it would be the head honcho himself,” said Allison Navia, Airport Manager of The Hancock County Bar Harbor Airport.The Hancock County Bar Harbor Airport in Trenton has been preparing for the Commander in Chiefs arrival all week.”Secret Service has checklists that you need to go through to get all the information. Know all the access points to the airport, and just kind of figure out how they can secure the whole area,” said Navia.On top of increased security, the news of the presidential visit has stirred up lots of curiosity among folks in the area.”Yeah, it’s the talk of the town. Basically people getting ready to have the Presidential visit,” said Dyer.”My phone’s been ringing off the hook all week, all week,” added Navia.There are no scheduled public appearances for the president during the three-day vacation, but there’s lots of speculation about where the family will visit during the stay.Dyer says, she’d love it if they strolled through the historical society.”I’d give him a little bit of history,” said Dyer with a laugh.