Bangor and Brewer Fire Departments Compete 

It was a battle of the quickest Thursday.The Bangor and Brewer Fire Departments raced against each other to cut a house structure in half.As Meghan Hayward tells us, it’s all about bragging rights.”They beat us last year so we’re looking for some pay back.””So we wish them the best of luck.”With that, both fire departments grabbed the saws and got going.It’s all part of an open house held by NH Bragg in Bangor.”But all in all, it demonstrates how durable our blade is and how it lasts.”The house they had to cut through was loaded with metal and wood, but the same saw could be used.The firefighters didn’t know what they were dealing with and didn’t have any strategies.”We’ve never had this particular type of a building with the stuff they have on it. So we’re not sure what we’re going to do at this point.””Besides unplugging all of their tools, no not really.”Both departments say pulling off a win is great, but they just enjoy taking part.”It’s just great to get in the public and let them see us doing something other than fire fighting.””It’s always great when we get out and play with our tools. Firefighters love to get out and work with their tools and when we get to destroy something for a good cause that makes it more worthwhile.”Once again, the Bangor Fire Department pulled off the win and received a set of tools as their prize.”It’s a good feeling. I feel bad for them because we were hoping they might win, but were not disappointed and we’ll take the win.”