Local Massage Therapist Lends A Hand To Humane Society 

Massage therapist Jeff Figgins is lending a helping hand to the animals at the Bangor Humane Society. Each year, a national organization of massage therapists donates one week of their time to a charitable organization. Figgins promotion will last the entire month of July. “A lot of my clients have, they get a massage, they donate items and I put them into a drawing each week for a free massage so people like the incentive,” he says.The week of July 18th is the organizations promotion week. Anyone donating two items from the wish list will get $5 off their massage…the list includes dog and cat food, toys, paper towels and other pet items. You can donate up to 8 items at one time for $20 off a massage. For Figgins, deciding on a charity wasn’t difficult. “I love animals. I love dogs and cats,” he says. “You know animals don’t have a choice being there and it’s kind of like paying it forward. So they don’t have a choice but we do. So I decided to see what I can do or what my clients can do and the generosity of them has been greatly received already.”The folks at the humane society say they’re beyond grateful for Figgins’ generosity. “The need for public support is constant,” says Danielle Coto of the Bangor Humane Society. “We don’t receive any funds from national or federal sources. So it’s people like Jeff that keep us going and keep providing for the animals the find shelter here.” Figgins says his clients have really embraced the cause. “They like the idea that I’ve done something for the humane society that doesn’t get any funding and this is funding privately to help those animals that couldn’t help themselves.”